Shipping Labels

No package, big or small, is complete without a shipping label. Whether you're a business mailing out packages to consumers or a concerned parent sending a care package to a loved one, the right shipping label can ensure your item is mailed properly. These labels give your postman a more accurate idea of the object they are moving, as well as provide assurance to the postal service shipping the package and to the person receiving it.

Apple LTD offers labels for all of your shipping needs, including:

  • Anti-Static Labels
  • Color Coded Labels (Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Number, Quarterly, Yearly)
  • Control Labels (Inventory, Production, Quality, Shipping)
  • Delicate Instrument Labels
  • O.T. Labels (Hazard, Pre-printed, Subsidary Risk)
  • Fragile Labels (Miscellaneous, Glass, Liquid)
  • Hot Rush Labels
  • International Pictograph Labels
  • Pallet Protection Labels
  • Pallet Labels-3X10
  • Regulated Labels (Air, Hazardous Waste, Limited Quantity, Orm, Right To Know, Rohs, Miscellaneous)
  • Special Handling Labels (Miscellaneous, Bilingual, Do Not, Enclosed/Inside, Flourescent, Temperature)
  • Arrow Labels
  • Made In The USA Labels
  • Blank Labels (Circle, Rectangle)

We make it easy to send packages! No matter what you're mailing, trust Apple LTD for the shipping labels you need.