FAQ About Corrugated Boxes

What Are Corrugated Boxes?

Corrugated boxes are everywhere. You may have them in your home and not even realize it. The pizza you receive comes in a corrugated box. An estimated 95% of all products in the U.S. are shipped in corrugated boxes,

How Are Corrugated Boxes Manufactured?

Corrugated boxes are made in box plant factories. Designed to be strong, they are comprised of corrugated paperboard, which contains air columns. These columns act as cushion, making the box more secure and protecting whatever it is the box is meant to hold safely. 

How Do I Recycle Corrugated Boxes?

The benefits of recycling cardboard are vast. For instance, recycling a single ton of cardboard can save 17 trees. Recycled corrugated cardboard can then be used to make chipboard for things like cereal boxes, paper towels, tissues, and printing paper. Of course, it can also be re-used to make more corrugated cardboard.

What Are Corrugated Boxes Specifications?

The strength of a corrugated box starts with its material. A box’s strength is relative to its density. The more walls a box has, the stronger it will be. The manufacturer's stamp inside the box usually states single wall, double wall, or triple wall to let you know the strength of the box.

What Are The Environmental Advantages of Using Corrugated Cardboard?

Cardboard is an item that a lot of people use on a daily basis in some way, shape, or form. What many people don't realize is that cardboard is one of the most green packaging solutions available. In contrast to other packaging options, corrugated cardboard is made with a high percentage of recycled materials that can easily be reused again and again.