Apple LTD: Uses + Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are just about everywhere, and they have a very wide range of uses + benefits. The uses range from packaging, displays, fire starters, floor protectors, magazine files, and many more. At Apple LTD our primary use of corrugated boxes is for shipping/packaging.

A wide variety of items may be packaged in corrugated boxes:

Packages may include:

  • Fruits + Veggies
  • Glassware
  • Pizza
  • Books
  • Beverage Cans + Bottles
  • Hard Drives
  • Electronics
  • Faucets


Recyclable / Renewable

Corrugated boxes are recyclable. In fact over 60% of the material used in corrugated boxes is sourced from natural renewable resources. Moreover grocery stores annually recycle six million tons of old corrugated boxes. An additional benefit of recycling corrugated boxes is that it reduces waste and thereby disposal costs.

For more on recycling corrugated boxes, click here.

Cost Efficient

Corrugated boxes have a reputation for being cost effective, and here at Apple Corrugated LTD we do our best to maintain competitive pricing. Contact us here for more.


The durability of corrugated boxes is great as they're far stronger than the average cardboard box and they’re crush resistant. This makes corrugated boxes an excellent option for packaging items regardless of how fragile the items may be.


The flexibility of corrugated boxes is really helpful as it allows for packing of products of both conventional and unconventional shapes.


Corrugated Boxes are easily customizable which makes it a desirable packaging option. We at Apple LTD offer custom services here.

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